Count formula in Excel

Count is an essential formula in excel. It is very basic and very necessary. Initially, we find the count of selected range in the below status bar of our Excel. Very often we need to use count formula in our reports and analysis when we work with a large set of data.


In the above image we can see a simple COUNT formula in use. We use C3:C7 as range. We find 5 as result. The basic COUNT formula is two types:

  1. COUNT

In the above image, we have seen the only COUNT. Basically, COUNT is used to find only numeric value. Whereas COUNTA can count Numeric and Non-numeric. We will see the example of COUNTA below:

In the above cell, we used A is the grade for Language and Science. But COUNTA formula can still count number and text also.

But if you want to count text in excel only then you can apply the below formula:

In the advanced level, we will see how to use COUNTIF

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