Average Formula In Excel

Average is a very common and simple formula in excel. We use this formula in the different report and filtering a wide range of data. Average is also used is statics. This formula can give us a concept about a data range. Since this formula is very simple, so we will try to learn this formula simply.


In the below image we will get concept of AVERAGE formula:

In the above image, we find two-column of data. The first column shows the different subject of one student and the other column shows the number of the respective subject. Our formula is quite similar to SUM formula. Here we used =AVERAGE(C4:C8). Since our data starts from C4 and ends with C8 so, we used C4:C8 as reference. We can also write =AVERAGE(C4,C5,C6,C7,C8) as our formula and it will result in the same.

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