The formula to figure out odd numbers and count them in excel

You want to figure out odd or even numbers and count them in excel. This article will help you know odd and even number in excel by using MOD function

MOD function Returns the remainder after the number is divided by a divisor. The result has the same sign as divisor.

Formula is: MOD(number, divisor)

  • Number Required. The number for which you want to find the remainder.
  • Divisor Required. The number by which you want to divide number.

How to count cells that contain odd numbers?

The first we need to know where cell have contained odd number by using MOD(). In this case, the divisor is 2, so MOD will return a remainder of 1 for any odd integer, and a remainder of zero for even numbers. Then use SUMPRODUCT function to count odd numbers.

Formulas is: =SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(range,2)=1))

range represents a range of cells that contain numbers


1 11
2 123
3 46
4 78
5 37
6 15
7 0
8 999

Formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(A1:A8,2)=1))

The result is: 5