How to use CEILING function in Excel

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the CEILING function in Microsoft Excel.


Rounds a number up to the nearest integer multiple of specified significance.

Sample Usage




CEILING(value, [factor])

  • value – The value to round up to the nearest integer multiple of.factor
  • factor – [OPTIONAL – 1 by default] – The number to whose multiples willvalue to .be rounded.
    • factor may not be to.0


  • value And factor must have the same sign; that is, they must both be positive or both negative.
  • CEILING Is most often used with set factor as to a ’round’ number as or0.1 0.01 to round to a particular decimal place. However, factor can, in fact, be any number of the same sign as, value e.g. CEILING(23.25,0.18) which results in,23.4 which is 0.18 * 130. This can be used, for instance, to round up to a particular denomination of currency (e.g. 0.25 or 0.05 USD).


Result Formula
126.9 =CEILING(126.85, 0.1)
127 =CEILING(126.85, 1)
128 =CEILING(126.85, 2)
130 =CEILING(126.85, 10)
200 =CEILING(126.85, 100)